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Baptism is not only offered to babies and children but also to adults. It is sometimes called Christening and it is a very special service when you can be welcomed into the family of the church. To download our leaflet with more information click below. It is much more than a ‘naming ceremony’; it is a time when we can make promises about our beliefs.
Baptism is often the first step on our walk with God which continues for the rest of our lives. God loves us and wants us to be part of the family of the church. For all those at the baptism, particularly the person being baptized but also the parents and godparents, it is a joyful moment when we make serious promises and declare our faith. It is also a joyful occasion for the whole church as we welcome the newly baptized and promise our support and prayers for their future. Taking part in a baptism provides an opportunity to remember your own baptism and think about your own faith.