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St Mary’s is truly blessed by the many people who come to us to conduct a baptism, wedding or, sadly, a funeral. These are wonderful opportunities to meet and serve our community and we count it a privilege to help in any way we can.

Anyone, baby, child or adult, who lives in the parish or fulfils other agreed criteria can be baptized - or Christened as it is sometimes known - at St Mary’s. Baptisms take place in the 10.00am family friendly service, usually on the last Sunday of the month. They are often booked up some months in advance so it is never too soon to book if you have a special date in mind.

Those who don’t live in the parish can be baptized at St Mary’s provided they are members of the Electoral Roll. In practice this means they have to attend services regularly - at least twice a month - for at least six months. This can be our Kids’ Klub service especially for children and families at 8.30am each Sunday or any other of the Sunday or weekday services.

It is more meaningful to have a child baptized if those caring for them have confirmed their own faith and we can meet with you to talk about what this means. We are all members of God’s family. Why not join us at St Mary’s where a warm welcome awaits you.

There is no charge for baptism and further details can be obtained from our website page on baptisms or from the church office 0117 9077026

St Mary’s is a lovely setting for a wedding and we welcome many couples to St Mary’s each year for their wedding ceremony or to have their marriage blessed.

From 1st October 2008 the law governing who could be married in the parish church changed. Recognising that many people have links with their parish church but no longer live in that parish the law now states that you may be eligible to marry at St Mary’s if you, or a close member of your family, have a connection with the church or village.

Marriage by special or common licences are not affected by these changes.

It is possible for those who have been divorced to be remarried at St Mary’s and if this is your situation do please phone for further information (0117 9077026 - church office).

In recent years many couples have come to St Mary’s to have their wedding blessed. Sometimes this is to mark for them what is a significant anniversary - 10th, 25th or 50th. On other occasions it is because the couple were married in a civil ceremony at a Registry Office or overseas and now want to seek God’s blessing in their parish church. Whatever the reason, we are delighted to welcome you at St Mary’s and celebrate with you. For further information about a wedding or blessing and for details of fees, please look at our website page on weddings or contact the church office on 0117 9077026.

Funerals …….
One of the great privileges at St Mary’s is conducting funerals for members of our community.

Anyone who lives in Shirehampton or is on the Electoral Roll of St Mary’s has a right to have their funeral conducted by one of the staff team at St Mary’s, either in the church or the Crematorium. The funeral directors in the village, Stenner & Hill and Thomas Davis and those locally try to ensure that families are put in touch with us. If you would like a minister from St Mary’s to conduct a funeral service for you then please contact us (0117 9077026) or ask the Funeral Director to do so and we will do all we can to help.

Many of you will know that we have, at St Mary’s, two beautiful Gardens of Remembrance for the interment of cremated remains. It is a privilege to inter cremated remains in the garden, and we know how much it means to families to have their loved ones ashes nearby. The Remembrance Gardens are tranquil, lovely places in the heart of the village and it is a blessing to us at St Mary’s to make them available for your loved ones.

The Memorial Chapel in the church contains the Book of Remembrance. Again the name of any loved one can be inscribed in this beautiful book whether or not they have any connection with the church or village - flowers can also be left in the chapel as well as candles lit and prayer cards written. It is a lovely place to bring children as they grieve the loss of family members. Those whose names are inscribed in the Book of Remembrance are remembered at Morning Prayer or Sunday Services on the anniversary of their death.

We are always available to talk with anyone who wants advice on any of these matters.
For further information or fees for any of the foregoing please contact the church office on 0117 9077026.
We are here to serve you by ‘Sharing God’s Love’.